Kinnaur World Env Day

World Environment Day, Public Meeting at Kinnaur

It is World Enviroment Day. Environment is not something outside of us. It is part of us and we are its integral part. In Kinnaur, where communities for centuries have evolved their cultures, language, livelihoods around nature are at crossroads today. In a capitalist world, in a consumerist society, how do mountain people reassess their relationship with nature? Here is an effort in this journey – speaking out against #DirtyHydro projects people of Kinnaur celebrate enviroment Day. They are reasserting their ownership on forests, demanding that the Forest Rights Act 2006 be implemented which recognises their right as custodians of forests. Him Lok Jagriti Manch in alliance with Himdhara Collective had a week long yatra holding public meetings in various villages to take forward the dialogue, culminating today at Rekong Peo with a rally….

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