Pahar Aur Hum, A workshop for youth from the Himalaya 7-14 Feb, 2018

In the lap of the Dhauladhars, in the Western Himalayan region of India (Himachal Pradesh), is a unique alternative learning and political education space called Sambhaavnaa Institute.

Sambhaavnaa has been organising a program called ‘Pahar Aur Hum: Rethinking Development in the Himalayas’ for last five years. Each year 20 plus young people from the Himalayan region attend the workshop. Members of Himdhara Collective, have been actively supporting this initiative and also are one of the resource persons/facilitators in the program.

The key themes that will be explored are:

  • Discussing our histories and exploring our collective cultural identity
  • Understanding Mountain Geology and Ecology-State of our Rivers, Forests, Land
  • Politics of Development
  • Re-imagining Mountain Economy and Society
  • Conflict Zones in the Himalayas

If you are a young person in the age group 22 to 35 years and live and/or work in the Himalayas,and are looking to explore your ‘pahari’ identity as well as be a part of a collective journey with other youth to build a perspective on some of the above issues facing the Himalayan region today, then join this program.

Please see details and application form here. The workshop will be in English and Hindi. Would help if people considering to participate know atleast one of the two languages.
Here is a short video of participants speaking about the program


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