Sutlej River Basin

The Sutlej river-basin is said to have a hydro-power potential of almost 10,000 MW, which if realized will result in bumper to bumper projects in the valley. We have attempted through the maps below, to plot each of these – large and small – projects in different stages of planning and execution. We have plotted 13 of 23 large projects with a total capacity of 7314 MW and 51 MW with a capacity 129.8 MW.



Note: This map shows small Hydro-electric Projects only


Interactive Sutlej River-Basin Map

Here’s an interactive map that enables users to sift through the projects based on their size and clearance stage. Over time we hope to add more layers to this map as we process the amount of agriculture and forest land diverted to these projects, the number of affected villages and other dimensions. The idea is to create a broad picture of the nature of this frenzied development, its magnitude and impact.




Other Large Projects – yet to plot

  1. Mane Nadang : 70 MW
  2. Ropa : 60 MW
  3. Sumta Kathang : 104 MW
  4. Yangthang Khab : 261 MW
  5. Chango Yangtang : 140 MW
  6. Jangi Thopan : 480 MW
  7. Thopan Porari : 480 MW
  8. Kuling Lara : 40 MW
  9. Lara Sumta : 104 MW
  10. Ganvi : 22.5 MW

Total : 1761.5 MW

Note: The data for these projects has been derived from RTIs filed by Himdhara. Much of the RTI data is not accurate and ground truthing has and is being carried out by us. This data will be updated from time to time and more information will also be added for each project. Watch this space for more!